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they see the score. we see the story.


we will take care of your social media.

Social media advertising
Did you know that you can target advertisements precisely at people with specific interests or those who have already been on your website? Well-configured advertising opens up incredible possibilities for your business! We specialize in comprehensive activities focused on your business results.
Your company in social media
All you do is write and try, yet nobody sees your posts? Social media do not bring measurable profits for your business? Let's change it! We will use all our knowledge and help you build a great, active community around your brand. You don't have to worry about anything, we'll take care of everything!
We believe in small stories and sharing our passion for work. We believe that they are the key to the hearts of your customers. We know how important it is to communicate effectively with your customers and their trust in your brand. We also know how to effectively reach the right people with the right content to grow your business.
How do we work?
  • 1
    Let's get to know each other
    • We will talk a lot about your company and expectations for our cooperation. We need to know everything about your business and services to develop an effective way to work together!
  • 2
    Let's talk about the possibilities
    • When we learn everything about your company and analyze thoroughly your previous network activities, we will be able to create an individual strategy and set up an action plan.
  • 3
    Let's do something
    • We start implementing the prepared strategy and building effective communication of your company in social media. You don't have to worry about anything!
  • 4
    Let's take a look at the effects
    • Once a month, we will report on the effects of our activities and conduct an analysis in order to decide which of them work, and which could be improved. Then we will present a plan for the next month. And all this in human language without unnecessary jargon!

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